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January 19, 2005


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Just this last weekend, we took a trip to the wine country to stock up. And I must say with the small group of six, Waters crest is by and far the best of the small vineyards. Jim took us on a small tour of his production facility, and ended off with a nice barrell tasting. There was plenty of wine purchaced
On a previous visit, we had our 5 year old daughter, at which time their 2 children who were there at the time. took our daughter to play while we took the tour.

The way I see it, Waters Crest has the highest potential to make it real big in the wine business on the island.

I have never seen a winery owner put that much effort into his customers like He does.

Thanks for the comment, Kevin. Jim is definitely one of the more engaging owners in our area. I love talking with him, getting to know him and his wines...which are all very good.

I'm not sure that I'd say he has the "highest potential" becuase there are several producers that I think are right there with him...but he is DEFINITELY worth keeping an eye on. If you read my column in Dan's Papers last weekend...you'll see that I love his Riesling!

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