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January 18, 2005


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im gonna hvae to go with the steelers because i always go for the under dogs, i see the steelers as the underdoggs because against the Patriots the patriots have got more of a spark right now and alls the steelers need right now is a certain spark to set off there fire.


mike v here---your dreaded Patriots fanatic up in Schoharie. Don't worry, I am not writing to rub it in, but I do hope that a week after that loss you have recovered. If you are a betting man, let me suggest you give the points in the Super Bowl,lay a bundle on the Patriots and when you collect ( and you will collect), you can purchase a great bottle of wine. Think of it this way: Tedy Bruschi manhandles the Eagles and I (Lenn) get a nice bottle of cabernet. Certainly you can see some justice in that??????????
my wife and I were out to dinner last night with charlie and kathy at sweet thyme in schoharie. they had a wine tasting and even though I am not a big wine fan (sorry, for my dollar chicken wings and a bucket of Rolling Rocks is a true man's only way to dine) it was a very enjoyable evening. Charlie and Kathy turned me on to your website.

I am really enjoying your website, you have done a fantastic job. And I must say that you write very well Hope to see you soon.

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