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January 04, 2005


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I am actually drinking a Viognier this evening - a cheap one from Argentina - nice enough but nothing special and not worth a TN.

I can not really see Viognier ever being the next big thing. Pinot Gris (outside of Italy) is my best bet.

Southern France is producing some good - not great though - examples. Argentina is worth a look too. Of course what we get here in the UK is not going to be the same as with you. (The balance between the floral aspects, weight and alcohol seems to escape many winemakers.)

Although it is not updated very often www.viognier.co.uk is worth an investigation.

The "next big thing" was based on one article she read touting it...and this was maybe 8 - 10 years ago...long before I really knew (or cared much) about wine.

I've had some tasty Pinot Gris from Oregon...I guess only time will tell if there even will be a "next great thing."

I'd like to see Riesling or Gewurtz make a move up...but for all the right reasons...not the wrong ones (they can be made in a sweet style)

I love Smoking Loon's 2003 Viognier. The bouquet is amazing :)

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