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February 14, 2005


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Mmmm. Muscadet. One of my favorites. The classic accompaniment to oysters. Crisp and clean. Melissa and I often enjoy a bottle when we go to Hog Island in the SF Ferry Building, and we have a few bottles here in the apartment.

What was it like with the food, Lenn? As Derrick suggests it is normally paired with fish and shellfish. Apparently Muscadet is enjoying something of a revival in the UK (although I dont see it myself) as it is fairly neutral like Italian Pinot Grigio, which is also very popular at the moment.

Andy and Derrick,

I thought it was pretty good with the pasta...and since I can't eat shellfish (allergy to shell fish) I really can't say how it would be with oysters or something similar. Maybe I should have put it with the scallops I did for Nena. Live and learn!

I don't think I'd compare it exactly to Pinot Grigio...which I REALLY dislike. This seemed to have more character than most Pinots I've had.

Muscadet is also my favorite wine i will try this also for how taste is it

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