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February 04, 2005


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Fascinating Lenn! I think I need a bottle of the Wölfer. :-)

One thing that is nice about Verjus, is the fact that when you go to a winery with a small child (Mine 5 years old) is that they can have a smaple of it. We went to Wolfer estates, and they gave my daughter a sample, and she felt like the biggest big shot that she was able to taste wines like the grown ups. Whenever we stop by there, we pick up a bottle of Verjus so she has something to drink on occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Perhaps a review of some of the vineyards that have child friendly reports. As is, a lot of people do indeeed bring their children to the vineyards.

Kevin...you are absolutely right. I've talked to quite a few people who LOVE the Verjus for that very reason.

Personally...I bet your little one would like the version at Jamesport even more. It's jucier and a little sweeter. But, I bet you'd enjoy the Wolffer wines much more. :)

Funny you would mention a piece on family-friendly wineries out east...as I'm in the early stages of working on one right now. It will probably be published in the early spring, as it warms a bit.

Lenn, Overall, your blog here is a great place especially for us who make frequent weekenders to the island. I would love to meet up with ya and learn how to visit these vineyards like a pro.

Perhaps you could even do a write up for publication to people in my area (SE MAss and Rhode Island Connecticut, highlighting a nice weekender that has gone un noticed to many people I talk to.

I have jamesport on my must visit list scheduled for perhaps late April and/or early May.

Also, do you have a link for any sites with good overall message boards for wine enthusiasts?

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