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March 02, 2005


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Not knowing much about lobsters myself, I was wondering if you knew whether or not lobster meat is considered of lesser quality if it comes from a large one.

Don't QUOTE me on this...but as size is a sign of age...I'm guessing that it would be much tougher than a regular-sized lobster.

I know that older clams (thus bigger) tend to be tougher...and often find themselves cut up for soup base.

Any of you shellfish eaters out there have further insight?


Having lived in Boston for 6 years, I've had 2+ pound lobster TAILS (i.e. probably a 3.5 lbs lobster) and if its cooked right it definitely didn't seem tougher to me.

22 lbs is freakish though. I can't say with too much authority either but it looks (pardon my lack of PC'ness here) DELICIOUS!

The concensus of my office is that our freakishly large underwater ally (aka. Bubba) would taste a bit tough if consumed. However, the question still remains, can one eat a lobster after it is dead, or must it be prepared while still living.

P.S. have you heard about the monkey's recent outpour of emotion?

Hungary in Michigan

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