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March 30, 2005


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You should drop by oregon when you have a chance. Our wineries are great here. And you are correct Pinot's are becoming quite the popular item on wine shelves.

Van Duzer makes some of the best Pinots I've had from Oregon. Willamette is the place to be!

Spy Valley also do a good sauvignon blanc.

I missed an opportunity to taste this recently and wondered how it was. Thanks for the review.

Spy Valley 2002 Marborough Sauvignon Blanc is the most awful white wine I have had in a long time. Tasted it with 4 other people the other day; we each had a glass and pour the rest of the bottle down the kitchen sink. Paid $13 for it but I would not recommend it to anyone even if the price dropped down to $5! A case study in flawed winemaking...

Thanks for the comment. Are you sure it wasn't merely a flawed bottle? I've not tasted it so I can't offer my own opinion...but they are a well-respected producer...and I have heard good things about their Pinot Gris in addition to the Pinot Noir I enjoyed.

Tell me more about the flavors and what we horrible about it...I'd love to hear.

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