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April 08, 2005


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Would Duckwalk's Pinot Meunier be classified as a second label?
That is by and far one of my favorites (Alright they All are)
That is a wine that is great with any meal, particularly BBQ Or just while watching life go by on the front deck. It has a tang to it that it can even be slightly (Not overly) chilled to enjoy.

Kevin...of all the Duck Walk wines I tasted a couple months ago, the Pinot Meunier was really the only one I was intrigued by at all...mostly because it's the only still varietal PM I'm aware of in New York.

I can definitely see where it would be tasty with grilled burgers...and with relatively low tannins, it can definitely take a chill..but only slightly so.

Oh, and no, the PM wouldn't be considered a second label wine from Duck Walk. They don't really brand/label that way.

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