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April 27, 2005


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Sorry for the off topic post, but I'm wondering how your sense of taste has been since your tonsillectomy. I had my tonsils out the day before you, I believe. March 31. Tomorrow is four weeks exactly and my sense of taste is still really off. Nothing tastes right at all. Wonder if you've had any problems in that regard. I sincerely hope not. But if you have, I wonder if you have any insight for me. My ENT just says "give it time." Found your blog via a google search for more info on this issue.

Hi there,

Just wandered onto your blog while doing some dining research. I live on LI at the moment, but am originally from Burlington, VT. Smokejacks is certainly a widely-respected establishment in a town of many highly regarded eateries.

If you ever find yourself back in Burlington and are itching to try some of the other establishments, here is a short list of my favorites.

In Burlington:
A Single Pebble, truly an amazing experience. Chinese cuisine like you've never seen it, as nothing on the menu is familiar to the American sense of Chinese food. Two short blocks from the heart of Church St. http://www.asinglepebble.com/

Leunig's Bistro, a very popular lunch and dinner eatery on Church St.

In Shelburne (15 minutes south of downtown):
Cafe Shelburne: A fine, if-tiny French restaurant, with stellar service, a great wine list, and a delightful menu.

In Vergennes (30 minutes south of downtown):
The Black Sheep Bistro: Very tiny contemporary restaurant that has mind-bogglingly great food, cozy atmosphere, and wonderful service. The best quality-price ratio in the state, bar none. Many Burlingtonians make the trip down to here regularly. It's that good.

There are many more to love, depending on mood (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, etc.) But these are the establishments I always visit when I come back home. Cheers and Bon Appetit!

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