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June 13, 2005


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During our trek through Sonoma and Napa a few years ago, my wife and I lost a couple of bottles when we left them in the car while visiting the various wineries, including an expensine (>$50) cabernet. I now take the heat seriously, too. That brings up a question: Now that we may soon be able to order wine from far away places and have them delivered to our door, how do we know these bottles are shipped in climate controlled conditions? If I go to a winery myself and buy some, it's up to me to provide a not-too-hot environment. But I can't help but wonder about wine shipped across the country in a metal FedEx or UPS truck. Has anyone else had any experience with this, good or bad?

-Ray (in equally hot and humid Virginia)

Well, I've got an ice cold bottle of Collina 48 open. We're out in the courtyard catching the breeze and trying to stay cool. When the 48's gone we'll hit the Wind Song.

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