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June 03, 2005


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The wine would have to be pretty bad for me not to order it, but I'm a fan of Belgian ales and Heffeweizen.

I'm a fan of Duvel and other strong-flavored beers. I like Spaten Premium and Optimator. And I drink the occasional martini or manhattan. But wine is my (nearly) daily drink - these are either for alternative days, or a cocktail before dining out (and occasionally in).

I'm with you, Lenn, and prefer beer (even "bad" beer like Budweiser) to bad wine. I try to stick with something flavorful, so it's usually dark. Funny thing is that I used to drink lager and think nothing of it, but got into the dark stuff after I got into wine. Related?!

DOn't you just hate it when you are at a party and there is no champagne and you have to drink the flat wine instead?

Only kidding - there are some really bad cheap champagnes that turn up at parties forcing me onto vodka cranberry or rum and coke or whatever other dregs I can find.

Kir Royales are a great way to disguise cheap party champagnes. at least, thats what i serve at my parties. sometimes.

I rather like rum and coke if not drinking wine. But if out at a pub - where generally the wines are poor quality - I usually start with a pint of bitter Breakspears and Fullers London Pride if available. A G&T is good in the summer.

It depends on the mood. After a shift on occassion I will have a Coors light ripped from a cooler in the parking lot and BS for the life of the can.
My wine drinking is usually to cut the edge of a long day.

I like to also drink wine with dinner if the right wine is on the list. Because the wife is not too much of a wine drinker, I rarely if ever get a bottle with dinner at a resturaunt. Unless amongst a group of friends.

When I am out with the boys, I dont drink the standard American Beer if ever anymore. A nice Sam Adams, Killians or bass is good.

I have to be feeling it to power drink, the hard stuff. But when I do, a Good Manhattan, or Vodka Martini (Ketel one or better please) Or a real well made Long Island Iced Tea. for that quick feel good goal.

Hey, I really like good wine. I like good beer even better. My experience is that just about anywhere I go BOTH the wine and the beer are pretty terrible. That's when I make mojito. However, I almost never go thirsty because I don't go to anyone's house without bringing some excellent beer. (Aside: Maybe it's just my friends, but there is a definite wine bias when a beverage is brought to a house and presented to a host. There are some really fine Belgian style beers that come corked and in 750 ml bottles that would do quite nicely as a wine substitute. Some of those Belgian style ales are brewed right here on the Island over in Southhampton, check out the Publick House. Good stuff.)

I tend toward water, myself. But, if there is any Lindeman's Framboise Lambic, I always go for that. I am not a beer drinker, but this stuff is like a bit of raspberry heaven on the tongue.

Hmmm... interesting question. Even as an "avid" wine drinker, I will often start the cocktail hour with a Tanqueray & tonic or a Maker's Mark Manhattan.

That said, I have been known to drink the swill they try to pass off as "wine" in coach class air travel. Fortunately, b/c I travel for work, I have the luxury of being able to upgrade on longer flights (where the wine can actually be quite nice), but on shorter legs after a crap meeting, I'll drink the cough syrup. Blech.

Except for the Ketel One and tonic, my list matches Lenn's but my first choice is always draft beer, not bottled. However, I would add that a well made Bloody Mary with celery and horseradish can be transcendent at times, and I can still make a mean Extra-Dry, Extra-Cold Gin Martini with Bombay Sapphire.

MacTarnahans Amber Ale, Moylans Kilt Lifter, Saphire tonic, and Cosmopolitans (My wife loves them)

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