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October 04, 2005


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Hey, now. Give the commies some credit: Draconian liquor control laws are reserved for Puritan-run police states :)

And I thought it was only in Ontario where we had stupid liquor laws. At least here, wineries are able to ship directly.

But the liquor and wine market is pretty much controlled by a government monopoly called the "LCBO" - Liquor Control Board Of Ontario.

You can buy some wines in some boutique type stores, but mostly you are bound by the hours of the local LCBO store to purchase your wines and liquors.

Even beer in Ontario is sold only through a government approved "Beer Store," which is operated by the major breweries - basically a conglomerate where competition and free market choice is not allowed.

Positively Puritanical! Do they burn witches there too? I think the Utah Division of alcoholic Beverage Control should swap ideas with the PA folks. I'm sure they can come up with even more ways to screw wineries.

It's pathetic, but typical. This is all about the fact that Pennsylvania makes a lot of revenue from its liquor stores, and isn't about to give any of that up. You won't see our extremely conservative state legislature approving state ownership of anything else.

It is a hoot watching new folks from out of state try to figure out how to buy beer here. When they find out they can't get it at the grocery store-they think they'll get it at the State Liquor Store. Ha!

No such luck- must find a beer distributor, where they have to get a whole case. The only place they can get a six pack, is at certain bars or deli/restaurants. But not all of them!

Usually it takes a month or two for the poor dears to sort it out!

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