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November 07, 2005


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Lenn, Thanks for the plug. I've been enjoying your blog and other wine blogs for a while, and you all have inspired me to try a blog of my own. I'll do my best to put useful content and commentary on my blog about The Finger Lakes Area and its wines and wineries. Our view is of Seneca Lake and we have over 50 wineries within half an hour of us. It's Wine Heaven!!!
Thanks Again!!! We'll keep in touch. -Finger Lakes Weekend Wino

It is funny a few weeks back I announce that I have a trip to the lakes coming up and asked for suggestions and info, and Voila, This comes up.
Lenn, your site ROCKS!
When I get to Long Island I have to run into you and meet over a glass or 2.

That area looks very beautiful. I would like to visit the area and do some fishing and wine tasting. Sounds fun.

I am just starting a blog site that will include Finger Lakes foodie reflections, so am looking around at relevant sites. I love the Finger Lakes -- and live here. Too many sites ignore what we locals know are the best of the best in favor of the well marketed. . . . The wines have certainly improved here since the late 1980s when I arrived in the area. And there are lots of swell restaurants. One of my favorites in Stone Cat Cafe. But watch my site for some reviews!



I also enjoy reading blogs about the Finger Lakes area. It is such a beautiful spot, and I love spending the summers here. Another site worth visiting is www.fingerlakes.org - it has lots of excellent information about things to do and what's going on in the Finger Lakes.

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