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December 02, 2005


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"Every wine-loving household should have three wines — one pink, one white and one red — that are always on hand"

And I'd add sparkling wine as well. Our house sparkler is the Roederer Estate Brut sparkling wine.

Derrick...you are absolutely right. I don't disagree...but I'd be hard pressed to find a local bubbly that meets my price cap for this story :)

Duly noted however...and we don't have a house bubbly yet. Hmmm...

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

surprised you didn't mention Bedell Main Road Red which I am a fan off usually...don't remember the price though


Typically I am a fan...and it would have fallen into the price range. But, I didn't like the most recent release as much as previous ones.

Lenn, you are Dead on with the 9-11 and Laferme Martin Merlot, reasonable price and a rich like flavor.
Also to include Duck Walk Pinot Muenier, and Gallucio's Avalon and Merlot are standard must buys when I visit.

I 've had the OD Vin Gris a few times, never a let down. Last time I was at the winery they didn't have any left. The Wolffer Rose I tried last year was the only other rose that I've bought from the Island.

As mentioned, LI bubblies at this price are not going to be found (and enjoyed). However, our two favorite sparkling wines under $15 are both from Domaine Chandon: the Blanc de Blanc and the Blanc de Noir (which is our favorite).

I brought the Blanc de Noir to a picnic with a local winemaker who once told me that he can't drink wine under $25 anymore because he has become so accustom to his own creations and other fine wines. I didn't tell him what it was until after he tasted and approved. He was pleased that I challenged him on this price point and said he would definitely buy it in the future.

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