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December 05, 2005


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But can you still swirl!? Looks like the left hand's down, but hopefully you're a righty!

jens at cincinnati wine clinic

Good thing you can still type!

Yep, Sounds like a good excuse to drink more wine.

Ouch! That's why I avoid chopping in the morning, or at least until the coffee kicks in.

Lenn, you oughta my advice, which I follow assiduously: DON'T GO NEAR THE KITCHEN.

Unless it's to retrieve wine from the fridge...

You come by that naturally.... I do it often. Mom

ouchie! I hope you heal quickly.

Dear Lenn,

As stated before...maybe you should be using my knives. As Charlie would say- "they are as dull as my mind"- except for the one you gave me :) hope it's better soon- we have alot of celebrating ahead.

Thanks for all the comments everyone. It feels a little better today (well enough that I'm in the office).

Hopefully it will heal up quickly...I don't want to have to drink through all my wine reserves to "kill the pain"

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