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December 06, 2005


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Thanks for the plug! Some of the local distributors have said the same thing when they Google a wine to prepare tasting notes for a shop or restaurant. All I can say is, "Keep blogging"! We might be on to something here!

jens at cincinnati wine reviews

Nice label and I might have to borrow that school style grading, the 100 point scale makes me cringe everytime I see it on my site.


If I had your phone number you'd hear me saying: NO WAY!!!! As you will soon read later today, this is the wine I chose to review. Hah! LOL!!! Anyway, I'm going to refrain from reading what you've written (I went straight to the comment link) until I've posted my own take on The Lucky Country.

Okay Lenn. So it looks like I tasted the first bottling of The Lucky Country--different image, different blend, but same name. There were also differences in tasting, of course. While the one I tried was astringent too, the finish was not as long as you describe. Fascinating...

Two Hands is one of my favorite Aussie winemakers. This wine is made from the ever-so-slightly-less perfect fruit from the vineyards that grow for their top wines. I like this wine, and I like the other L.C. blend, a GSM. And I have been completely unable to resist their marketing. The Two Hands labels absolutely rock.


Lenn - I liked this wine quite a bit (when I reviewed it in September http://volunteer.blogs.com/winewaves/2005/09/two_hands_wines.html), although I must admit to being quite fond of Australian style Shiraz. Maybe it's the hot weather down here in Tennessee, and our penchant for Barbecue and spicy fare.

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