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January 03, 2006


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The supper club idea is an excellent one. My wife and I had an informal foodie group made up of a sub-section of the local homebrew club and some of our work colleagues. We tended to focus on beer and food pairing, but one of my good friends had done his PhD work in France and thus had a wine tooth. He helped to further my wine education while I showed him that there is more to beer than Bud. Also, his cooking was divinely inspired.

Hey Lenn,
The supper club sounds like a great idea. I think I'm going to start one up here in Brooklyn.

We have one going already that meets very infrequently for BBQ, but it's only the BBQ chefs of Long Island. Interesting group and these supper clubs usually involve copious amounts of beer. We need a wine expert to start matching wine to our Q.

Meeting fellow bloggers is also a worthy goal. I’m working on that as well. I've met a lot of fellow barbeque'rs but very few bloggers.

Happy New Year to you and the best to your family.

An excellent goal to meet up in 2006! I'll drink to that! (and to think that we are only 50 miles apart or whatever)


Happy New Year to you and yours as well. I've got a diverse group of friends when it comes to food and drink. Some of them only eat steak, pasta with red sauce, and other middle-of-the-road things...while others are very into exotic, ethnic foods. We also have a wide range of wine lovers...from those who won't drink it at all (they only drink Coors light) to wine geeks like me.

Maybe this spring/summer you can come out east and do some BBQ for my group...and then I'll come to Brooklyn to pair some wines for your group?! Sounds like a fun plan to me, no?

Tyler...we're DEFINITELY getting together for some vino in 06...no doubt.

Hey, if you need advice on the vinegar thing, give me a holler. I've got one good article about it as well as a small booklet that has additional info. And while I'm not 100% sure that my batch would provide a good starter culture, I know where to get some if you can't find any locally.

Dr. Vino,
Sounds like a great plan. But BBQ and wine is a pairing that most Barbeque guys look at with suspicion. Beer is definitely the drink of choice. But I'd like to change that, or at least offer a viable alternative.

I'd love to come out and cook for your group. I'll use any excuse to fire up the pits. I cook all year. Summer is just the busy season.

Robert...if you want to fire up the pits before summer hits, I think I can put together a nice group of eaters! Seriously!

As for you BBQ types being suspicious of wine with BBQ...I bet we could change all that.

Derrick, I may take you up on that offer of help. I need to get some sort of container to do the deed in. But, I should probably put some research in first. I'm thinking it's a good way to "dispose" of the left over wine we always have laying around after my "pro" tastings.


Yep, the two other folks I know who make their own vinegar are both professional wine writers. It's a good way to get rid of excess.

Any container will work, as long as you thoroughly wash it out. My vinegar is currently sitting in a big glass jar; I'll move it to the barrel once that's prepped.


I'll about getting together in 2006, I think we'll have some fun possibilities--can't wait!

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