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February 14, 2006


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Obviously the L.I. wineries haven't advertised in wine spectator enough, lol.

You have to wonder what motives RP & WS have....But I am naturally paranoid.

De gustibus dispundandum est.

Nice reminder of the fallibility of "expert opinions" and the like. Good catch, Lenn.


God, I am one crappy typist!

Wow, I'm shocked. Yellowtail is decent, but it 's only my staple when I can't afford anything else. I would never pick to grab it first above any of those other wines. That is scary...
What are your favorite wines from Long Island? I've only tried one or two when I was out there last summer in Sag Harbor, can't remember the name of the vineyard....

The key words are "personal opinion" they are only experts in what they like. Here, Australia, my heads bleeding from banging it with over large reads. I'm a big, unsubtle guy but I want something that will enhance my food not my prestige in "prestigous" circles.

hey- I think I'm offended by that Yellow tail slander!!! :)

Thanks for reminding all of us that taste is a very subjective thing.

I can't help but notice however that the Yellow Tail listed is their also labeled 'reserve'. Is it because it's their 'better' stuff?

That being said, you got to credit large corporations like the one that produces the Yellow Tail for being able to put decent wines on the market at a reasonable price. This is something fairly new in the wine world and something quite contestable for a variety of reasons but its not entirely a wrong thing.

As other commenters, the fact that Yellow Tail is one of the few large advertising clients of wine (and food, and lifestyle and whatever...) magazine makes me a bit suspicious of the rating they get.

Has anyone in this forum tasted the Yellowtail wine in question? I haven't.

Good morning...didn't know you were a LENNDEVOURS reader :)

I've tasted it...and to my palate, it's only slightly more interesting than their regular shiraz (which my mother in law serves at every party she throws). You're probably wondering if people are just bashing yellowtail blindly...but I'm not sure if that's true or not.

Have you guys had any wines reviewed by WS? I've not seen them in there...

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