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February 16, 2006


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So this is what it takes to bring you to the city--food?!? ;-)

I love these guys, will definitely try to be there. Just ate V Day lunch at Dinosaur BBQ in the city and man was it unreal...

Perhaps its semantics about the difference between a contest and a party, but I'm not sure I'd call this the first. The Big Apple Barbeque is entering its fourth year, and based on last year's attendance, it will likely take over the entire Flatiron district this year:

Sorry Mona - The Big Apple BBQ Block party is just that - a party. We're hosting the first BBQ competition for some of the best teams in the country. If I remember most, if not all, of the cooks at the Big Apple BBQ event were professionals who were promoting their restaurant.

Come on out to Brooklyn for Grillin On the Bay and meet the people who do this for the love of barbecue. We got Big Island BBQ cooking - the Jack Daniels champion in chicken. We've got the BBQ Brethren, Dirty Dick and the Legless Wonders, and lots of other top teams cooking here.

That being said - I love the Big Apple BBQ block party and attend every year. It's a great event and I encourage anyone who's interested in eating great BBQ to go.

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