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February 15, 2006


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I assume no laws were broken by shipping that wine through the mail :-).

Congratulations to the Steelers.

-Ray (a Giants fan who's waiting until next year)

Congrats, Lenn, and enjoy every drop of your winnings!

Shame?!?!? What's to be ashamed of? I love my hawks and am looking forward to next year when the title will be ours for sure! In fact, I thought you might want to hang on to the 12th man accouterments since once the Steelers are out of the race you may wish you had them!

Glad to see it arrived in one piece and wasn't confiscated along the way. (Ray, we won't tell if you won't...)

And yes, proper "packing materials" make all the difference in the world. :-)

~ B

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