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March 09, 2006


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Tasted their pinot blanc(s) for the first time two weeks ago and we were pretty impressed. They were not my (personally) favorite wines. But professionally, I found them to be very well made - with excellent balance and relatively complex flavors for a (relatively) simple wine. The bubbly was my favorite of the two: not surprisingly since I think the pinot blanc lends itself to this method better than to a still wine.

Agreed. I tasted them both again last weekend with my friends from Oak-town and we all agreed...they aren't the most complex wines in the world...but there's no way you can't like these wines.

I wanted to give them this award based on their commitement to the grape. Differentiation and diversity is too rare in our local wine world sometimes.

I've been recently discovering Pinot Blancs, too. I was surprised at the number of them my last trip to the Willamette Valley (http://www.willamettewines.com/), however since that area is home to Pinot Noir and Gris it cerainly makes sense.

How funny, that this vineyard is on Oregon road!

I love Pinot Blanc. Its obscurity is a tragedy. Though on the up side, it usually means that people don't grow P. Blanc unless they really love it, so it's rare to find a mediocre example of this varietal.

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