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April 11, 2006


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Wow, I just talked to a friend who moved into her new apt with her husband and she was so bent out of shape at the construction team, they just tore up the bathroom. Looks like you are the construction team-even better! Good luck Lenn, I'm sure it will turn out great. You'll have to do a before/after picture.

You're having my exact week from last month. The bathroom was torn up, the 'rents came to help, we ended up with a waterfall in our kitchen and today we're still "almost finished." Oh, it's mostly done, but it's a project I don't wish on anyone. The good news is it's absolutely worth the aggravation and, when you hit a breaking point, wine makes it aaaallllll better.

Yikes!what a mess.I'm getting mine done next month;yup,really looking forward to it.

Emily, Thanks for the note. We finally "finished" yesterday about an hour before having Easter dinner. What a HUGE undertaking...especially for a very "white collar" guy like myself!

But you're right...it's turned out beautifully...so it was worth it.

Mona...once the bathroom is really in the "after" phase, we'll post some pictures.

Darrell...good luck!

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