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April 06, 2006


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Sounds like a great time! i look forward to going! thanks for bringing it to our attention! ;)

This was a terrible event. It was oversold and many ticket holders never got in. Food ran out fast and there was such a dangerous number of people inside that the fire department shut the event down early at 8:45. Even if the money does end up going to charity, it was still a rip off.

My girlfriend and I were turned away at the door at around 8pm. (Spent the rest of the night eating overcooked meat at Greenfield's.)

We were told we'd be refunded, so I sent an email to Shoreline. We'll see what happens.

Same here. I have already contacted my credit card company. I was THIS CLOSE to calling the fire department and reporting the event until they announced the refund.

Still no mention of refund on the website.

Okay, let's not get all hopped up over this. You'll get a refund.

Just call ClicknPrint Tickets, 1-888-695-0888 and ask. They'll need your ticket number(s) or transaction ID. It's that simple.

Yeah, the event s*cked...but there is a contact button on their website. I used it and they sent me the refund info.

Maybe next year they'll get it right.

The event was a madhouse, sooo many people didn't get in. The neighboring parking lots were overflowing and being monitored. We were told we'd be towed. Our group of nine didn't even make it inside... and that was at 7:15pm!!! People were walking out saying it wasn't even worth going in (one person had had a VIP ticket). Awful planning.

My wife and I got turned away too. So much for buying tickets two months early. There has been a good deal of discussion in the beer-blog-o-sphere about the failure of this event and what could be done to improve future beer festivals. As I was driving away from the Beer Festival after being turned away, I couldn't stop thinking that this wouldn't have happened at a wine festival, or am I kidding myself?

I went to that festival too. It was "ghost organized" by Andy Calimano of Starfish Junction, a guy with a sad history of trying to rip people off for maximum gain. I didn't know this until I saw him running the show. I was one of those who got in early, nearly the first on line. After 45 minutes I couldn't take the crowding and had to leave. What a fiasco. Andy used to be a part of the team that organizes the highly successful Brewtopia Great World Beer Festival in NYC, and from what I know he robbed and screwed the main organizers. A really, really bad egg. http://www.worldbeerfest.com

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