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May 12, 2006


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This is great news. Can't wait to show you a good time. You are aware, of course, that you are coming the weekend of the PinotDays festival, right? Big tasting on Sunday, your chance to taste all the CA Pinot you could ever want. Get your tickets soon !

Let's keep in touch as the dates get closer and I can help you plan things.

(Nina comes on aturday? I think you meant Fraturday.)

Looking forward to the visit. Alder is planning a nice dinner for Bay Area bloggers to herald your arrival. He'll be providing details soon. Right Alder, right? ;)

Oh, and locals don't like it when you call it Frisco or San Fran. SF, the City, and San Francisco are all better options. (I don't really mind myself, this is just so you don't get beat up by some of the Grammar Nazis out here.)

Very jealous. You're going to have a great time. Have fun in the city by the bay, and visit as many wineries as you can...last time I visited we went to Schlumberger, which was wonderful, as well as Cuppola, Opus One, Cakebread, and both Stag Leaps....very jelous my friend...very jelous...

p.s. you owe me your address so I can send you some barbecue books

Touristy Destinations:

If you think old boats are neat, you have to check out the Hyde St. Pier. Nice view of Alcatraz from there too.

Golden Gate Park is pretty cool - nice gardens and such. Be forewarned that navigation is difficult in the park due to the lack of signage.

This is the first year we haven't had a conference in the Bay area so its our first year without a Sonoma/San Francisco break in a while. It makes me sad.
My favorite thing to do while my husband was at his conference was shop. Everywhere. :-) SF shopping sort of blows away Cincinnati ...
Other than that, I found myself riding the street car to the Buena Vista Cafe every morning and having breakfast and many cups of Irish Coffee. Got to start the day out right. I liked the Buena Vista at that hour because it was mostly locals and not tourists. Other than me, of course. The staff was great to talk with. In fact they recommended a place I'm going to recommend now -
On our way back to the airport from Sonoma, we stopped in the little water-side town of Tiburon where we ate out on the water at a place called Sam's Grill. I have no idea how touristy it really was, but it was highly enjoyable.

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