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June 14, 2006


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I've heard tremendous things about The Girl and The Fig in Sonoma. If you're coming out to the Sonoma Coast, however, Seaweed Cafe in Bodega Bay is not to be missed. Are you exploring Sonoma County vineyards as well? And, if so, which region of the county (I have suggestions for some regions, but not others - as I have yet to hit much of the eastern portion of the county).

For the blow out dinner, try Masa's and especially chat up the sommelier, Alan, he's the best sommelier I've ever met. For a nice microbrew go to The Thirsty Bear. For really amazing mediterranean check out Fattoush down in Noe Valley, also in Noe Valley is Firefly. Over by Moscone Center is Lulu which is always a delight a not too far a walk from Union Square. Also by Union Square is Hana-Zen (sp?) for Yakitori. Or head down to Hayes Valley and have a meal at Hayes Street Grill or Absinthe. Both of them put you conveniently close to True Sake as well. For some of the best sushi in the bay area I can't recommend HamaKo over in the Sunset nearly enough.

lenn - we cant let you dine out alone.
are you talking about today/tomorrow weds/thursday or next week?

I will email you. I know you emailed me with the dates but my memory is ancient these days.

I listed some recs on zen foodism the other day:


I reckon Bar Crudo would be a good bet.
And I just had the most sublime heavenly pizza for lunch at Coco500. Nothing like a NYC pizza, for sure...

In Sonoma, Healdsburg to be more specific, you could try the Dry Creek Kitchen. Or Willi's Seafood and Raw bar, which is a great place to try several dishes and also multiple wines by the glass. Local of course.

Len, Sam is right, you really shouldn't be eating alone. Please call us.

Recommendations for you during the week:

Zuni Cafe

Girl and the fig is a good bet in Sonoma, but Jack and Joanne think The General's Daughter is better, and we tend to agree with their judgement (Ruth and I haven't been).

As for Sonoma, I was just recently at The Girl and Fig and enjoyed it. However, I've heard from a local that The General's Daughter beats anything on Sonoma Square.

As for San Fran, if you must eat alone, a fun experience would be the Buena Vista on the corner of Beach and Hyde. We're talking basic diner food here, but you cannot beat the Irish coffees (even if you are in San Fran and wine is calling your name) and the atmosphere is very social and lively. Because of its popularity and lack of a large seating area, customers sit with other customers at the 6 person tables and I have met many fun people, visitors and locals with whom I've ended up drinking the night away.

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