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June 05, 2006


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About time! And I see the real lure was the barrel tasting! Just like every winemaker, content to sit in the cellar tasting (for professional purposes only, of course) while the "vineyard staff" takes care of the work.

Just kidding!

But it is too bad you aren't able to be there more frequently, especially early in the season, as the "kids" grow and change daily. It is an incredible thing, and very beautiful as well. The period from budbreak to set (and especially bloom) is one of my favorites in the vineyard.

Haha...well played, Ben. Well played.

I wish I could be there MUCH more often...and I'm disappointed that this was my first visit. But, I'll be out on the East End again next weekend...so I'll probably stop by.

If you have a couple of pounds of grapes to spare, I'll make some Harvest Ale.

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