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June 30, 2006


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Such a flattering description!

We very much enjoyed having you all over (even if the wine did leave me out of sorts the next day). And I'm glad we met your high expectations (phew!)

I am so bummed we didn't manage to meet as planned in the end. Maybe I'll have to learn to cook as good as Derrick...?

Now its my turn to be jealous--what a great evening! But you're right, there's something about actually meeting up with other food bloggers that continues to make this whole blogging thing even more meaningful. Now, how shall we organize a gathering at the NY Wine and Culinary Center--the mention of your name there, by the way, scored me extra points with the Executive Director.

Now I need to hear about the Rubicon dinner - I've never had poor service there (a little slow perhaps, but always extremely proper).

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