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June 05, 2006


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As an avid reader, an employee of East End vineyards, and someone who prides themselves on tasting the wines for what they are...I am extremely disturbed and disappointed by the changes made to the article, not to mention the EXTREMELY poor quality of these changes. If wine makers only wanted positive critiscim we would still be drinking Yellow Tail Shiraz...no one gets better unless pushed and challenged. Kudos to the original article...

I congratulate you on having the balls to publish your original article.

I understand the publisher's need to keep the advertisers happy, but he/she also needs to keep the readers happy. If I read that you recommended these wines, I would be inclined to try them. If I was then disappointed in the wine, I would blame you and your review.

If that happens enough times, the publisher looses a reader. And the advertisers loose a set of eyes.

Keep fighting the fight Lenn!

Damn shame. We really don't need an East End version of the Wine Advocate. :(

Wow! That's a punch in the stomach. Glad you didn't go down for the count.

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