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July 05, 2006


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Think about it, BBQ/grilling is a style of cooking -- not the end result.

I saw that you would be doing BBQ, and this statement here makes me think that it could have been confusing for the participants (possibly), as there are many many different definitions of BBQ. I'm in North Carolina, and when you say BBQ, we think pit-cooked pulled pork with tomato- or vinegar based sauce (depending on the area). In that case, someone might make a different choice and say "There is and ultimate wine for BBQ."

For example, and this is just regional dialect coming in to play, I would say what you did was not BBQ, but you cooked out steak.

Regardless of definitions, dialects, nuances, or anything else, it sounds delicious, and as I have only had the Ravenswood VR Zin (which I love), I may have to go out and hunt down a bottle of the Monte Rosso.

The food sounds delicious, too!

Rob, you're right...there is definitely room for intepretation...but I think that was part of the point...leaving it open to whatever style you wanted to do.

I would have loved to have done something in my smoker...but I just didn't have the time this time around. Next time for sure...with something from the southern Rhone.

Lenn - I wish we had known you guys were stopping at Ravenswood. We would have met you up there so you could use our Zinfomania membership.

In the designates room, they pour 6 or 7 different single-vineyard zins. We are most partial to Dickerson, which has a very sad finale - the husband and wife who own the property were victims of the Tsunami two years ago.

That said, BRAVO on the choice of wine. We like Monte Rosso quite a lot.



Actually I wasn't planning on going there because I didn't want visit any wineries that I see on local shelves back here in NY.

But after being underwhelmed by the one-dimentional, no-nuance wines at our previous stops, I said "let's just go get some ZIN"...

That is awful about the Dickerson Vineyard owners...but i have heard that that is the wine I want to get my hands on...will have to find some online.


I'm not a huge fan of zins, becuase many I've tried have had a sort of candied yam type sweetness to them. The best I've had (out of admittedly few tasting) is the 2002 Biale, Napa Valley Ranches. Any chance a big zin guy like yourself would recommend some similar zins for me to taste?


I was fortunate enough to go to Ravenswood Winery in September. It was a beautiful, warm day and I got a tour of the vineyards as well as doing the blending lab, barrel tasting and vineyard designate tasting. I couldn't decide between the 2002 Monte Rosso and the 2002 Dickerson. In the end, I bought the Monte Rosso with no regrets whatsoever. I also got to try the Old Hill, which was fabulous! My friends joined the wine club so if I ever want to buy more of these, we can get them at 30% off which is unheard of. These are awesome Zins!! The winery is cool, especially that tombstone that says, "To err is human, to Zin is D'vine--Here lies the last wimpy wine R.I.P." What a hoot! If you love Zins, don't forget the Rosenblum Cellars tasting room on the square in Healdsburg. You gotta go! You can taste an amazing amount of wine for $5! The guy never stopped pouring. Their Zins all have between 15 and 17% alcohol! They are amazing!

I will definitely make a note of this one. It's always nice to find a wine that can stand up to true BBQ.

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