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August 24, 2006


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Maybe she also thinks that California wines ar getting better and one day soon may reach the point where they can beat some French wines in blind tastings.

Oak barrels aren definitely true in case of
Chards. As oak barrels gives Chardonnay its distinct smoked flavor, creaminess, heat and a hint of vanilla.

Well she might be too biased about traditional ageing methods. However, considering the guys who are disciplinarians of wine-tasting they can feel the same 'weirdness' for the new electrolytic method of ageing wine in minutes.

When we visited the Biltmore Estate winery in North Carolina recently, the rather egotistic little guide (sorry, he was annoying) informed us that there were two wine makers on the property. The "old guy" who was the original wine maker and preferred traditional blends and oak aging, and his assistant, a young woman who liked to "push the envelope" by creating new blends and daring to use less oak. The young guide seemed rather convinced that once the "old guy" retired, the young woman would inherit the Wine Maker mantle and change the wine making world.
I think there are just some places, and people, where even moving a little against tradition - whether bad or good - is a monumental change.

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