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October 16, 2006


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Wow - great descriptions. I noticed something here that I am seeing elsewhere: the vintages that then press says are the best (the 2001 in this case, according to your post) don't always show as well as the surrounding vintages. I like the 01 burgundies better than the 02s so far, and same for Oregon pinots. Yet in both cases, the 02 were trumpeted by the press. I can't figure out why this would be...


I think "best vintages" is really about the region and vintage overall...so overall quality is best in those years. But, that doesn't mean that good (and sometimes even great) wines are made outside of the "best" years.

In the case of these wines...2000 is actually known as a good year for reds..but 2001 was good overall for all wines.

I feel stupid asking this, but is the blend ratio in that wine always 60/40 Merlot to Cab. S? I would assume it has to be otherwise the year to year variations might be masked by variations in the blend.

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