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November 01, 2006


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Congrats! And good luck. :)

BTW - At 4'-10" tall, Tracy is uniquely suited for both picking grapes and "riddling" sparkling wine inthe caves. I guess she was born to work with wine.

Congrats ... I guess I could go harvest some oranges here in Florida and make a mighty fine OJ ...

Also, I got these "fun facts" in an email the other day.

1 grape cluster = 1 glass
75 grapes = 1 cluster
4 clusters = 1 bottle
40 clusters = 1 vine
1 vine = 10 bottles
1200 clusters = 1 barrel
1 barrel = 60 gallons
60 gallons = 25 cases
30 vines = 1 barrel
400 vines = 1 acre
1 acre = 5 tons
5 tons = 332 cases

Egad, Chad! Did you get these numbers from Yellow Tail? I can tell you that even the most commercial, high-volume productions (other than perhaps California's Central Valley and some of Australia) are not 40 clusters per vine! Of course these numbers vary wildly from source to source, region to region, etc. But in Long Island I've been told that a decent rule of thumb is that 1 vine = 1 bottle. And many of the most common trellis training systems will call for 8-12 clusters per vine.

Wow ... I got those numbers from one of our newer, bigger wine shops' weekly newsletter. Maybe it's like those legends we always here about. The further you are from the source, the bigger and better things seem to be when the story is retold. Being in Florida, the myth has plenty of time to grow.

Hello from VA,

Congrats on your Cabernet Fanc, we enjoy the grape a great deal here. Its one of the better reds considering our short growing season.

We might be making a 1st time trip to Long Island; visited the Finger Lakes earlier this year. Can you point me to any Long Island wine info for newbies. Just curious,about how many wineries are there on theh island?

Happy Sipping!


Nice job my "freakishly tall" son-in-law :)

Where have you been the last two days? I thought you were going to do the punch-downs? ;-)

Dezel...let me know when you're going to be in town...I"ll point you in the right direction!

Rich...very funny!

What label will you bottle the wine under?

Lenn, may the alchemy that ensues cause all your friends to savor and praise your new wine. And then devour it!

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