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January 26, 2007


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Savanna Samson has already thrown her thong into the wine ring, why not Howard?

Please. No. The thought of this just made me shudder. Although, on Monday, i'm sure your random thought will be in several papers as fact :)

He should call it E.D.
= Expletive Deleted
or, Erectile Disfunction.

Is it April 1st already?

Vignole Ring Toss

Dude, you feelin' okay?

I think that would be a brilliant idea! I'd gladly buy a case of Bababooey Bordeaux as soon as it came out!

H. Stern Cellars would be Great. I Make Vintage wine sorbet. It's Available in over 70 gourmet super markets through out New York and NJ. Including Whole Foods and Kings markets. The co-branding would be great. check-out Wine Cellar Sorbets, Inc. on the web. and my personal web sight, www.TheSorbetSommelier.com

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