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January 31, 2007


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congratulations Lenn and Nena!
Welcome jack
woo hoo

A heartfelt congratulations to you and your wife!

My next glass of wine will be dedicated to little Jackson.

Hooray! Congratulations to you & Nena. So glad to hear all went well. Hugs & kisses to baby Jackson!

Lenn -

Congrats to you and your wife on the arrival of your first child -- Jack. I have no doubt that you will train him well in the world of wine...when he is ready of course.


WOW! Congratulations! [Cue Rod Stewart: "Forever Young."]

Nothing feels better than holding your own newborn child (except maybe watching football with him). Hope you enjoy every second of it.

Man, Jack is one lucky little boy. Wine & football with dad, awesome lullabies from mom. Not to mention all that great homemade baby food.

Congratulations to you and your wife and best wishes for your new son! What an exciting time for your family!

Thanks everybody...it never ceases to amaze me the friendship this blog has brought to our lives!

I'm just counting the minutes until I can go back to the hospital...look for pictures soon :)


congrats!! My husband's family lives in smithtown.. been there lots. Our little guy is almost 16 weeks old and it seems like yesterday. You all take care of yourselves and many congrats.

Hey Lenn...congratulations and good luck to your family...be sure to take time to savor the experience to the fullest!


And remember, you can't break him.

congrats! I'm sure we'll be seeing him out east in no time!

Congradulations, Take a whole week off, you deserve it!

Congratulations, Long Islander!

I see you must have been delirious at the naming time, to give him my name. :)

(And now, as we let them catch they're breath, we watch BrooklynGuy, whose first is/was due about the same wine moment as Lenn's...)

Congratulations Lenn! Glad to hear that the whole Thompson crew is healthy and happy.

You are a huge proponent about "drinking local". Maybe you should root local, too. J - E - T - S. Jets! Jets! Jets!


Congrats!! Glad you have a healthy little guy! Love the name, too!

I really can't think of a better reason to open the best wine in the cellar.

Way to go, Lenn!

Now...about college costs.

Congrats on the Baby Boy....
Pass along our best to nena.

Congratulations! Welcome to the club of wine blogging dads...

Congratulations Lenny and Nena+ Jack Bill! Your old "Steeler" neighbor from Partridge Drive.
Dennis & Ruthann

thank you for such a precious gift.

Congratulations! As a parent who is about to ship his first off to college (he just got accepted to Stetson!) enjoy the time as it does fly by even when you are changing diapers and getting up at 3am for feedings.

Congratulations, Lenn and Nena!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Now what would I drink to celebrate a new Long Island baby? Go for that 05 Corey Creek Reserve Chardonnay. Special moments like this call for special wines to Celebrate. Enjoy & Congrats again.


Mazel Tov!

Great name!

Enjoy! We just celebrated the 8th bday of one boy and next week we celebrate the 10th of the other. All their birthdays have been fun, but none are as incredible/mindblowing/lifechanging as the one you just experienced.

Nice job there Pop! Your blogging hiatus is totally understandable.

Rock on. Congratulations to you and Nena.

In the words of the late Great Grandpa Thompson," Us Thompson men only have boys". Seriously he is just beautiful!!
Mrs. Lenndevours Sr. MIL to Nena or better yet Grandma.


I take a few days off from reading and look at what I missed!! Many congrats to you, Lenn. He's gorgeous!

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