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January 11, 2007


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While this idea seems great in theory, maybe part of the problem is, after just glancing at their menu, they don't appear to serve meals :) Seems to basically be a bar (with cheese - which doesn't really appeal to me, but may appeal to others) that serves LI wines at a 100-200% markup (of course, typical for bars/restaurants). Just not sure what the market for that is, I know after reading this and not having heard of it before and glancing at their website, my basic reaction was "feh". I do know that if they were a full restaurant serving a large selection of LI Wines, i'd definitely make an effort to go.

To: Manager,
Greetings; My name is Dominic Palma. Iam an artist. My portfolio may contain works that are suitable for exhibition in you cafe gallery. If you are interested, please phone: 631-6736748 Thank you

I've seen the work of Dominic Palma and know you shall enjoy a display of his art. (Known as Danny to me.)

Is this Dominic Palma, originally from Brooklyn, New York. I would like to contact him. Thank you.

what is the email address for aritist, Dominic Palma

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