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January 09, 2007


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These are absolutely two of my favorites. The Dr. Frank's 2000 Brut is exceptional: I recently brought this to a get-together in Mass., and the host also served a French champagne and a California sparkler, both of a slightly higher price. The Dr. Frank's was the hit of the evening and was praised by everyone present.

The Standing Stones ice wine is good stuff: I brought this to a friend's house for a pre-Thanksgiving tureky dinner and we had great fun with it. The sweet but sharp and sophisticated taste of good ice wine is a great thing to serve to non-wine drinkers to get their palletes more curious about the wider world of wine. I had a dedicated Bud drinker downing the stuff and asking great questions.

Good choices as always, Lenn. I encourage people to jump on these two.

We drank the Vidal Ice on Saturday night, it was outstanding - Great Pick! May have overtaken Paumanok LH Sauvignon Blanc as my favorite NY Ice Wine (I haven't had the Wolffer LH Chardonnay yet).

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