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January 11, 2007


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Would be nice to find ANY wines from Virginia over here, let alone some from NY!

Hello Lenn,

Thanks much for the mention. You are our Long Island resource and we have enjoyed keeping up with your blog and thanks to it will have some sort of idea about the wines and wineries when we visit.

Can we expect another 50/50 this year ? That was a great idea. Have a great weekend and if you have not looked, I have posted yet another fine Finger Lake wine.

Happy Sipping!


Love those VA wines...and Dezel's blog. Nice shout-out, Lenn.

I love Dezel's blog. I've visited several VA winieries on his recommendation now. If you get a chance Lenn you should try something from the Williamsburg Winery, it's always been a favorite of mine here, not to mention my favorite one to visit so far.

When Nena and I were in Williamsburg a few years back with two other couples, the girls went to the winery while the guys golfed...I remember liking one of the wines that she picked up...but I can't remember what it was...

So far, my favorite VA wines have been from Jefferson...the petit verdot and viognier were outstanding.

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