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January 28, 2007


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Nena is beautiful! Enjoy your last week of peace and quiet. Life will never be as it once was - thank God! Days and years of love and laughter are on its way. I can't wait until the day comes very soon where you post a picture and the name of your new addition. Can't wait to meet and cook/drink/catch up with the 3 of you in the spring and summer time.

jaime (your new friend from MP)

Hello Lenn,
Nice post and picture. In due time and very short time it appears your little bundle of joy will be here and I look forward to seeing and reading about the happy moment. Congratulations to the both of you!

Be sure to secure some age worthy 07’s so by time the little one turns 21 you can celebrate with a wine the same age.

A week usually flies by quickly, but when it is something you’re craving it seems like a decade. Best wishes : )


ok NOW you made me cry.. love you all

enjoy the whole experience, even these last few moments/days of anticipation....trust me
its worth it....just remain paitent at the hospital....Nena will need you to be.
Wishing you both the best with the upcoming
arrival of Baby.

Nena looks great. She shouldn't be concerned about her pictures. If you're impatient now, just wait until the due date. Or worse, the day after.

On my son's due date we were bored. To pass the time we made a calzone. Wouldn't you know, by the time that thing was ready to come out of the oven, my son was too. He was born 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital.

Happy waiting...

I feel for you, it's hard to wait. I'm in the same boat, pal. We just went to the Dr this morning and she said "wow - you're almost 3cm dilated, you could have this baby any day now." And we wait. And I build a changing table, and we wait some more. I try to remember that this is an amazing time, and I should't be rushing through it. Happy happy, and we'll trade baby pix soon!

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