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January 25, 2007


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Me too. And i hereby nominate the tradition of buying YOURSELF a case or a half case of the extravagant wines of choice to celebrate with our wives the arrival of new baby. Give it three weeks and they'll never let us spend the $ again.

Aren't you supposed to break a bottle of champagne over their head? Oh, I guess that's probably just for watercraft...

What about blending your own wine and labeling it with the baby's name, birth date, etc to give to friends/family? I know there are a few wineries around here that have special bottling days where you get to do that sort of thing.

~ B

I'm in the same position (literally - sometime in the next few weeks). I have no other traditions to add, but here's to an underrated, bracketed-by-vintages-of-the-century, incredibly underpriced 2007!

how about a "time capsule" sort of thing... a copy of the newspaper headlines from the baby's birthdate, a bottle of yours and Nena's favorite wine, your favorite recipe to go with the wine, and a toast to be read on the 21st birthday from you and Nena..corny? hey, it's a grandmother's perogative..oh, throw in a bottle of wine for the 2 of you.. you need it by the time you get your kids to 21!! trust me :)
Love, MIL soon to be Mia

don't forget to buy your wife a nice bottle of wine for when she can start drinking again ;)

The best tradition I can think of was offered by the hospital: a candlelight dinner and a very nice bottle of wine. The baby is in the nursery and in good hands. You get a chance to just let down and enjoy each other. The hospital even had a separate dining room just for this purpose. cheers!

The tradition I like to follow is the english tradition of laying down a bottle of vintage port. Funny enough, I just realized the port I have at my store is from Quinta do Infantado (Infant-ado, get it?) Though we have the 1997, which is drinking well now, I think a cool gift is the 2003. Will be just about perfect when the little bundle of joy turns 21.

I think the port idea is nice but how about making some wine from the same vintage year as the baby - a 2007 Merlot perhaps? I should have a couple of empty barrels...

I've never tried a first growth Bordeaux, so for my son's birth year (2002) I plopped down the big bucks for a bottle of Lafite. When my son turns 21, we'll try it together. If he doesn't like wine, well then there is more for me!
(Note: with your child being born in 2007, you'll have to wait a few years to actually order the bottle.)

If you were Jewish, you'd have the bris when the boy was 8 days old. And all the ones I've been to have the mohel (the snipper) dip some gauze into red wine and shove it in the kid's mouth to ease the pain and, not so coincidentally, muffle his cries of pain, or outrage. (This is really to keep the mother from freaking out, I believe.)

My son had a bris. I'm an Episcopalian, though, and **our** tradition is to skip the gefilte fish and just get drunk.

When one of my wino friends had her baby, she got several of those '2007 Vintage' onesies for her little girl to wear. Or maybe that's too precious for you...
I also like Jeff's idea about a semi-private meal for the two of you. Make it a good bottle for Nena's sake, and it will make for a good story down the road for the little one.

A lot of chef and foodie parents get gifts of gourmet-themed onesies from my Web site, www.elliesparty.com. The slogans "I'll Have the Domestic White" is popular in 6 mo. size and "Demi Sec" is cute for girls. They're great in a basket paired with my two personal favorite gifts for new moms, a bottle of La Grande Dame and a package of Tide pens.

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