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January 05, 2007


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I'm currently reading Hugh Johnson's The Story of Wine. While I don't know much the author yet (maybe some love him/hate him?) the book is long, in-depth, and interesting.

I was surprised that Johnson's emphasis on the history Eastern North America wines focuses almost entirely on Ohio. He lauds the excellent growing conditions in the Ohio valley.

I'd certainly be interested in learning more about Ohio wines!

I think their 2004 Cab Franc is their best wine to date and it is flying off the shelves. I have one case left which will most likely end up in my personal cellar!

I have offered up this wine on football bets but as of yet have not had to give up a bottle!

I heard the Cab Franc's from your region are very good also (hint! hint!).

Oh SH*T...I have your wine boxed up and then I had to put it in the basement when we converted my office into a nursery.

I'll get it to you this week! Sorry man!

That Kinkead is killer...delicious!

No less an esteemed personage than Tom Stevenson, editor New Sothebys Wine Encyclopedia said the following: "Michigan is currently outclassing New York despite having only 90 wineries compared with the latter's 203, and nothing like its financial resources. The general consensus is that New York has the greatest potential of all northeastern states, but only a handful of its wineries are working hard to achieve that potential. Virginia promises to be the East Coast's Washington State, while Pennsylvania and Ohio are the dark horses."

Someone PLEASE tell me where I can get my hands on some of this! Also, has anyone tried the 2005 of the same yet? Is it as good?

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