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February 13, 2007


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I remember in a local liquor store a few weeks ago, he had cans of something on the counter, I asked him what they were, aparently they were some type of Australian wine, I think white but I could have been guessing that at the time and it stuck in my head. I didn't buy it because I was thinking "OK, novel idea, but I bet it stinks and they need the novel approach or nobody will buy it".

So Lancer's crocks are OK here? I wonder if they still make Black Tower??

Black Tower! Wow that brings back memories. That seemed so classy when I was a kid. I hope someone tastes that (if they still make it).

Hi! I wanted to email you, but your link wasn't working on my pc for some reason. *sigh* Anyhow, I'm a fellow NY blogger (http//CeliacChicks.com) and we've been invited to host a fundraising event with the Paul Taylor Dance Co. for the Columbia U. Celiac Disease Center. We've got food sponsors for the reception and now I'm looking for a wine distributor that would like to help. Would you be able to steer me in the right direction or have any connections that could be used for a good cause?

Thanks in advance,

Hi! Me again. I didn't see my email linked in the comment. So to make it easy for you here it is: celiacchick@gmail.com

Hey Lenn,

Congratulations! Wine Blogging Wednsedays was written up in Food & Wine Magazine, and readers are encouraged to visit LENNDEVOURS! (April, page 94). Here's the online version:


Warm regards,
Marshall from WineQ.com

Do ou have any informationwhere I can find "Black Tower" for sale anywhere, or the name of a distributor? I heard it was coming back to the US. I live in the greater Atlanta area.

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