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February 28, 2007


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Jets Steelers Next year, we'll see who's talking after that THAT...HUGE WINE BET COMING!

wow - that had me howling! And at 1AM PST that's gonna get me in trouble...:)

Where do I get one of those spit buckets?

(kudos to Nick too!)

Lenn-- Gary did do NY wines a while back (the bulk of that episode was pretty funny, him running through his store), I want to say Bedell Merlot and a white Palmer. I don't think he was thrilled (can't imagine why, heh). These selections are much better, even if Gary did bash the Early Wine a bit - but we know better! :)

It is great to see this site. Rich and had started a wine club at www.NYWineCork.com
and found we did not have the time to do it successfully.As you can see we have a very large site and our store in Glens Falls keeps us busy along with our wine tasting events to promote NY Wines.We have been enjoying this business since 1996 and look forward to meeting new friends who enjoy and know how great NY wines can be.If you would like to have recipical links that could be good for both of us.We are a winery too. We share a premis with Chateau LaFayette Reneau on Seneca Lake. We produce With Tim Miller a Cabernet Franc called "Liberty Red" You can wsee this wine at www.NYHarvestCellars.com
I have been visiting Lenndevours site for a year and find it very exciting to read.
Good luck with everything and we look forward to meeting you some day soon.
If you ever come to Saratoga or Glens Falls Area. Stop in and we will do a tasting.
You will be surprised at our store.We have some major events here. We are connected to a performing art center with a 300 seat auditorium.
Margot & Rich Cirino
New York Wine Cork

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