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March 20, 2007


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I went to the Utah DMV personalized license plate page and typed in PLYGAMY (minus the O because of lack of room) and I received this response:

SUCCESS! The character combination you selected is available at this time.

I guess some things aren't quite as outrageous as Merlot.

Go to http://dmv.utah.gov/licensepersonalized.html
for your own fun.

I love Jason's post!!! I think that you definitely should get your own plate once you upgrade your sweet ride. A vanity plate on your Saturn doesn't seem to fit too well!!

Someone should tell the Utah DMV that Merlot is a grape, not an intoxicant. Unless it's squeezed and mixed with yeast that is.

I lived in Utah for years and trust me, if you're not Mormon, you have NO RIGHTS! Why do you think I moved? The NBC affiliate there could not even air Saturday Night Live as they felt it was too "offensive" and the NBC station there was owned by the Mormon church. You have NO IDEA how ridiculous things are there. Yet another example of why state government should not be passing laws based on one religion!

I've known quite a few Mormons who are lovely and industrious people and are both aware and tolerant of the fact that the rest of the population is not as reserved as they are.

However, whenever a government begins to bow to the demands of any one group, of whatever political stripe or wing, just plain stupid rulings result.

Banning merlot on a license does no one any good and makes Utah look bad. And I thought governments in the East tried to do too much to justify their own existence!

Has anyone thought that maybe "Merlot" has already been used for a personal plate in Utah. I have a personalized plate and when I searched it on the site it gave me the same response as the Merlot inquiry. It's really ignorant to jump to such conclusions just because things dont go your way. The whole state is not run by mormons, just idiots like you all think it is. Talk about being closed minded.

I recently bought a "Fisher Price" looking Toyota model FJ cruiser. I got a vanity plate called ORYZAE. Ok, not beer but it is involved in fermentation of sake.


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