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April 09, 2007


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Looking over their wine list, they've done something really strange; for many of the US wineries, they've listed TOWN, STATE rather than the Appellation of the wine. Sorry, but I do not view this as a service to the diner. It just makes it a messy confusion. As an added bonus, they put the vintage in the middle of the listing (most wine lists list it first or last on the line (before price):



My guess (and that's what it is, a guess) is that they and playing up the localness of most of the U.S. wine selections. Most diners will know those towns (because they are on Long Island).

Of course, those pesky California wines are on there...and those same people very well may not know where they are in CA.

Well, the food looks very promising! We're putting this restaurant on our Go To Someday List...perhaps by then the wine list will be fixed.

Went to North Fork Table and Inn for my birthday. Great food and wines, wonderful service, beautiful place. I highly recommend it.

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