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April 01, 2007


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Mr. Frank's comments concerning the harsh winters are very accurate, and I'm sure other wineries were facing similar pressures. It's very encouraging that he responded so quickly!

I've never assumed Salmon Run wines to be in the same class as the main Dr. Frank wines, most of which are excellent. The Dr. Frank's 2005 dry riesling is one of my favorites. Salmon Run wines are much, much cheaper and I guess with that reduction in price comes the possibility that the juice is not always home-grown.

It will be interesting to see how bad winters--which occur with regularity--affect Finger Lakes wineries that are gaining more and more press and are therefore in much higher demand. I am still confident that Dr. Frank's wine is some of the best the Finger Lakes has to offer, and I hope that they will continue that level of quality.

Blogs like this bring issues to light and keep everyone on their toes, which I think is great!

Len, thanks for posting this! I'm sure many people outside NY do not even know New York is a growing region of wine! This is a major coup!

Very good post. Made me realize I was totally wrong about this issue. I figure that one learns something new everyday. Mrs Right learned her lesson! Nice, informative website by the way.

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