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May 24, 2007


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I agree with you on the Bedell. Some very nice ones there. Channing Daughters, really liked their L'Enfant Sauvage. Pleasantly surprised with Macari's Sauv-B since I wasn't too impressed with my visit to their vineyard. LOVE Shinn's Sauv-Blanc, and it doesn't hurt that they are 90% organic and sustainable. I was very happy to try Clovis Point, I think they have some good stuff happening there.

I thought the event was great overall, but as you say, would have loved to see some of the other guys there. Agree on the food-- and the space-- once the public arrived it was WAY too crowded.

90% Organic?

I was on a tour at Shinn and Barbara Shinn mentioned that her vineyard is up to (or around) 90% organic-- Barbara creates her own organic fertilizers and their tractor runs on bio-diesel fuel (ie veggie oil).

If you go to the vineyard, you can see for yourself. The soil under the vines is full of life: plants grow there, decompose and add to the soil's nutrients. At many other vineyards the soil under the vines is zapped clear of anything-- just raw earth.

Whether this effects the quality or point score of a wine is debatable, but I personally appreciate the sustainable and environmentally friendly approach...

See this for more on the subject:

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