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May 10, 2007


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It is very refreshing to get a taste of finger lakes correspondent Jason. His take on finger lake wine is often fair and reasonable. I look forward to your next post. Lastly, did you know that the finger lakes were carved out by artic glaciers.

Jason, I was at the NY Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua for lunch today and I was frankly amazed at how busy it was. The restaurant was full (it's small to be sure) within the first half hour and folks were everywhere. I've had a fear that it wouldn't catch on but it seems to be a reflection of the healthy tourism you write about. BTW Lenn, I snagged a bottle of Shinn Estate's 2004 Wild Boar Doe to open up this fall.

Jennifer--Overall, I think Upstate New York is being re-discovered. Before the advent of flight, various regions of New York were considered prime vacation areas for the middle-class and wealthy residents of the East Coast. Now, it seems like more and more press is being given to these large areas that are, frankly, not very expensive and still have a bit of that rustic feel.

Recently, the Adirondacks have seen an upsurge of interest as well. People seem amazed that the biggest park in the United States is sitting in New York state, and much of its scenery and endless hiking routes are amazing. The Finger Lakes are doing well because of their natural beauty and the accumulating critical praise of some of the varietals of wine it produces. I saw news story yesterday that the Finger Lakes would be featured on the next cover of National Geographic Traveler magazine!

Hopefully, all this tourism helps revive the sagging economies up here!

Anyone in the LENNDEVOURS community going to be at the Finger Lakes Wine Fest in July? I'm all set & registered with my camping pass!

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