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July 19, 2007


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I don't know if interviewing yourself is a sign of a mental defect, but if I start reading "Lenn thought this Merlot was great. Lenn is going to buy more", and start refering to yourself often in the 3rd person...Then, it may be that time.

Yummm ... bourbon ....

If it makes you feel any better about your MadDog 20/20, I started with Boone's Farm. I thought if I drank wine, I'd spend less on alcohol (this is my 1st yr in college). Then I found Boone's, which is still wine, but only about $1.99/btl.
Ah, college ...

Hey Len! EvWg here! my wife and I were thinking about heading into your neck of the woods soon. maybe even next week. I have been saying it for a while and am really stoked to check out what you love about where you live.Do you have a link somewhere or a previous post about good places for room and board? Talk to ya soon!!


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