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July 24, 2007


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Wineries produce and sell wine. That is what we do at Paumanok and we are happy to stick with that. We have no music as we do not need to create a carnival atmosphere to bring attention to our wines. Similarly we do not need liquor to sell our wine. We feel in fact it says something about a wine if music and liquor are needed to help move a product.

It is true that weddings at wineries have become popular and we rent our wineries for such events as well. Yet we have had no difficulty renting our grounds while liquor was not allowed. We married 2 of our sons this year and at both weddings we had wine and beer and non alcoholic drinks and we had a wonderful time.

Having said that I welcome the move by the NYS SLA, not so much for what it might do for our business, but because I think we are way over regulated. So anytime there is an opening that expands what adults can do in their free time I welcome it. But as a wine producer I wish to keep my distance from hard liquor as it devalues, in my eyes, the wine that I produce.

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