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July 09, 2007


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Yes, it's great that people have ideas and the energy for another, new wine-blog-event.

On the other hand, yet another wine-blog-event... now we have the 'original', the French version, the German version... For a while we had the Dutch version...

It would be better, I think, if everybody joined the original. There's room for more participants! And you can't say that the themes of the original WBW are too difficult for people who, like me, don't live in the US.

There is also a Iberamerican version!

Maarten, everybody can join the "original" version, I do agree about that. But I think it's not so much the themes, which are too difficult for some of us, but the language question. I'm not really sure that I would feel at ease in writing wine tasting notes in English - and I think that most of my readers prefer their mother tongue (either French or German), to discuss about wine....

Concerning the "weinrallye": the first edition gathered 16 contributions, which is a rather good start!

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